Leaders in Smart City Innovation, Tech and Economic Development to Convene in Kansas City

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April 4, 2017

Leaders in Smart City Innovation, Tech and Economic Development to Convene in Kansas City for Third Annual Gigabit City Summit

KANSAS CITY, MO – Leaders from across the nation inspired to develop sustainable, high-tech infrastructure for cities will convene at the third annual Gigabit City Summit, Aug. 1-3, 2017 in Kansas City, MO.

Powered by KC Digital Drive, the Gigabit City Summit is the premier conference for leaders in cities that either have or are planning to build out gigabit fiber networks. The summit, which drew more than 350 attendees from across the nation last year, will take place at Westport Commons, an innovative facility thought to be the largest coworking space in the world.

In addition to speakers from the tech, smart city and entrepreneurial sectors, the Summit features leaders from communities who will offer firsthand experience about what it takes to successfully manage a large-scale fiber buildout and its community impact.

“The idea that technology projects need to focus on meeting the needs of actual people ought to be obvious, but the challenges in making that a reality are more complex than might be imagined at first blush,” said Aaron Deacon, managing director of KC Digital Drive, which hosts the summit. “These are precisely the challenges that our first gigabit cities have found themselves faced with—not simply how we build new infrastructure and deploy new technology, but how do we build the systems to apply those assets in the right way. This is the challenge the Gigabit City Summit is designed to help address.”

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The “metro-delegation” model remains core to the Gigabit City Summit approach, encouraging cities to bring interdisciplinary teams of at least five members from government and civic organizations to the Summit that share one thing in common: an interest in how emerging technology can be directed to shape the communities we want to live in.

“Whether you are a city leader, innovation officer, economic development official, technologist, community builder or citizen, this event offers opportunities to learn and network with leaders from across the nation,” Deacon added.

A full agenda, roster of speakers, hotel information and more will be posted on the event website shortly.

The Summit offers an array of great benefits and flexible packages for sponsors. For more information, contact Aaron Deacon at adeacon@kcdigitaldrive.org or call 913-475-9885.

Click here to purchase tickets and for upcoming agenda, speaker and logistical information. For updates, follow the Gigabit City Summit on Twitter @gigabitcities and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GigabitCitySummit.